Personal Training

personal training

Our qualified Personal Trainers are your partners in getting fit and staying fit.

Cronulla Fitness offers free group Personal Training to members and a variety of plans for one-on-one Personal Training.

There are 5 key benefits of one-on-one Personal Training:

  1. Motivation: When you have lots of excuses and can’t be bothered, your trainer will help you dig deep, remind you of your goals and motivate you to get moving.
  2. Tailored program: The program will fit you because it is devised to propel you towards your goals and adjusted to suit as you progress.
  3. Get it right: Learn how to get fit and stay fit from a qualified professional without getting hurt along the way.
  4. Progress tracking: See your results measured and recorded accurately and feel great that you are marching towards your fitness goals.
  5. Accountability: ‘One on One’ training is a partnership between you and your trainer and you are accountable for YOUR dedication to achieving your goals.
Our Facilities & Services

● Air Conditioning
● Cardio Theatre
● Changing Rooms
● Circuit Training
● Conditioning Machines
● Free Weights
● Nutrition Programs
● Personal Training
● Rowing Machines
● Sports Specific Training
● Stationary Cycling
● Treadmills
● Weight Loss Programs

Cronulla Fitness Boot Camp
Cronulla Fitness Boot Camp

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