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Cronulla Fitness Boot Camp

Outdoor boot camps give you an opportunity to train in a whole different setting that is perfect for your health and fitness goals. Group outdoor boot camps will help you reach your personal fitness aspirations with these benefits:

  • Fresh Air: More oxygen with negative ions helps re-oxygenate your body
  • Sunshine: Vitamin D, are you getting enough? Essential for a healthy immune system and kicking the blues
  • Exercise variety: Unconventional workouts that are only limited to the imagination in the great outdoors
  • Metabolic boost: Anaerobic exercises boost the body’s metabolic rate
  • Calorie burn: More opportunities to burn and tone
  • Team building: Work with like minded others for support

And in case you are not convinced group outdoor boot camps are FUN because training isn’t all serious!

Next Bootcamp to start on Nov 12, Tues & Thurs mornings 6-7am. 6 weeks (12 sessions) $180 or $20 per session

Our Facilities & Services

● Air Conditioning
● Cardio Theatre
● Changing Rooms
● Circuit Training
● Conditioning Machines
● Free Weights
● Nutrition Programs
● Personal Training
● Rowing Machines
● Sports Specific Training
● Stationary Cycling
● Treadmills
● Weight Loss Programs

Cronulla Fitness Boot Camp
Cronulla Fitness Boot Camp

No better way to start your day

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